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Seven Women, Six Days, One Mountain

These are the real life stories of how seven women have dealt with illness, injury, disease, obesity, mid-life reinvention, and menopause with humor, grace, joy and yes, sometimes tears -- but always with hope.

Get better acquainted with these women through these short video interviews and brief written bios -- and then stay tuned for the full length version of their stories in the upcoming book "Choose to Climb" written by Houston Fitness expert and Healthy Lifestyle transformation coach Shana Ross.

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Pat Wente's blog, Pat Get's It Off Her Chest, is a great tour through her breast cancer and other life events.

Venita's Kilimanjaro Project is a great site that takes you along with Venita as she prepared for the climb.
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Becky Pope has battled ovarian cancer not once, but twice in the last two years. She's our inspiration.  Read her storyWatch her video.
Pam Hilmes  survived molestation as a little girl, drug addiction as a young adult, and early this year she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Though in chronic pain, she fully intends to summit. Read her storyWatch her video.
Deb Sanders faces mandatory retirement from her 28-year career as an agent with the FBI in December 2011. She feels that climbing Kilimanjaro will be the beginning of the next chapter in her life. Read her story. Watch her video.
Venita Ray Venita became a single mother at 15, a high-school drop out on welfare, and addicted to drugs and alcohol. In 2003, she was diagnosed HIV+.  Read her storyWatch her videoRead her blog.
Sheri Dawson, at 43 decided to stop living a life filled with bitterness and fear. She has
transformed her mind and her body and is living a new, full life. Read her storyWatch her video.
Jackie Doval grew from a chunky kid into an obese adult. After years of struggle, she's now living a happy, healthy life and is setting the example for her 11-year old son. Read her storyWatch her video.
Pat Wente was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. In 2009, she was diagnosed with "late-occurring cognitive impairment and brain damage as a result of chemotherapy drugs." Read her storyWatch her video.